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The OGK office offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about Goldendoodle adoption, registration, and Official Golden Kennel services. Click on a subject heading below to view questions and answers referencing your selection. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our Web site. Should you have any further questions, please visit our Contact Us page


What are your prices? Goldendoodle Puppy
Do you ship to every state?
What are Goldendoodles?
Why is a Goldendoodle better then a Labradoodle?
Can anyone adopt a Goldendoodle?
Do you sell to other pet stores?
What is an f1, f1b, f2, etc?
Do you have a contract?
What should I research about breeders before adopting? What should I get with my new puppy?
Can I link to your site?
Are your puppies parents at your kennel?

What are your prices?

First generation (F1) Goldendoodle puppies currently start at only 800 dollars and second generation (F1b) Goldendoodles start at 1000 dollars.

This is well below the (NAP) National Average Price of $1500.00 and $2500.00 dollars per dog, respectively. Why? Because we base our adoption price on maintenance and the actual cost of raising the puppy, not for large profits. We at OGK pride ourselves on providing low cost companion puppies to people coast to coast. Cost is subject to raise/lower as operating costs fluctuate. However, once a deposit is accepted we will not change the price.


Properly raising a puppy and postnatal care for the mother is costly but we want you to have the best puppy you can.That is why we take it farther and also provide you the following with your newly adopted puppy:

  1. the puppy with second shots given
  2. 4 de-worming's given
  3. registration papers from AKC and CKC
  4. a pedigree from Golden Kennel
  5. Pictures starting at birth to pick-up
  6. contract with a health guarantee
  7. information on the care of the puppy, and puppies first toy. We will also be available for you for the life of the dog.
  8. vet check up.

If you wondered why we are Ohio's top breeder of Goldendoodles, now you know why. We go that extra step to provide quality puppies, not for profit, but for the puppy. You can pay the full adoption fee for a puppy at any time, however, to place a hold on a particular puppy, we require a non-refundable $200.00 deposit. If you would change your mind, the deposit will be kept to go toward another puppy of your choice. Check back often to Watch Your Puppy Grow We will update the pictures weekly.

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Do you ship to every state?

Yes, including Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping cost is 300 dollars for a puppy that is 8 weeks old, older puppies may cost more. The shipping includes the airline approved crate, health certificate and the cost of the ticket.

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What are Goldendoodles?

Goldendoodles are a hybrid (cross bred) dog between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle.

Typically they mature at a weight of 50-75 pounds. (over 15 inches at the shoulder - most are in the 22-27 range.) The temperament of both dogs combine to make the Golden doodle or doodle one of the best choices for a family pet. They have proven to be highly intelligent and easy to train.


The characteristics of the Goldendoodle are determined by the size and markings found in the parent dogs pedigree. Golden Retriever's markings vary from light and medium gold to shades of red. The Standard Poodles markings can be white, cream, apricot, golden, red, chocolate or black! Their beautiful long coat can be straight, wavy, or have tight curls, slightly curly or just plain silky.


Guaranteeing the amount of or lack of shedding a particular animal produces, is not possible. Through it has been determined that most Goldendoodles have proven to be hypoallergenic for most people!! These puppies are just like a retriever except they have about 90% less shedding making them VERY hypoallergenic and allergy friendly .. . If your looking for the perfect companion pet, then these are for you.

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Why is a Goldendoodle better then a Labradoodle?

They are not. However, a Goldendoodle includes the characteristics of the Golden Retriever and many people find these qualities better. The Labrador actually has an extra layer of fur (which sheds water) then the Golden Retriever, therefore it normally has a higher shedding rate.

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Can anyone adopt a Goldendoodle?

Nope. We have an extensive screening process. We want our dogs to have the BEST home possible.

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Do you sell to other pet stores?

NO WAY. A kennel is always better then a pet store. Most Pet stores have no requirements from who they buy from, which encourages puppy mills. OGK does not support pet stores that offer puppies for sale. However, OGK offers rescued puppies in addition to our raised puppies.

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What is an f1, f1b, f2, etc?

The puppy alphabet explained

Well, since you've been wondering what (F1), (F1B) and (F2) represent, you'll be glad to know that you are not alone!

The F simply means that the puppies came from two purebred parents (Both parents would be from a different purebred background. In our case, it is a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.) F1 therefore, is referring to the puppies from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. 

Any F1 puppy would be 50% of both parents and is called a Goldendoodle. Another way it can be written and be correct is R50P50.

The B stands for Backcross. If any F1 puppy (Goldendoodle) were to be bred back to one of the purebred breeds (Retriever or Poodle) then it would be referred to as an F1B or Goldendoodle Backcross. OGK plans on breeding one of our Goldendoodles (F1) back to a Poodle making their puppies F1B. It would then be 25% retriever and 75% Poodle (or R25P75). The purpose for this is to make the puppy the most allergy friendly as possible.

So what is an F2? That is a cross between an F1 (Goldendoodle) and another F1 (Goldendoodle) or it can also be an F1 (Goldendoodle) with an F1B (Goldendoodle Backcross)

One might ask what the benefits of breeding two different purebred dogs together are, like the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. Pure breeding is used to maintain a specific and distinct pure genetic history of a K9 family (Poodle to Poodle) whereas crossbreeding (Poodle to Retriever) uses those distinct types to improve production, survival, and to make a longer, healthier life for puppies.

So.. what in the world is an (F3)? A lot of work :) Actually, it is two F1B's bred together to maintain the F1B line. Although technically different, an F3 is still an F1B but the puppies come from Goldendoodles only and have no direct connection to the purebred line. An F1B is a much more valuable K9, however, some backyard breeders try to cut corners by offering the F3 and it is normally at inflated prices. OGK suggests staying with the FI or F1B. The F2 and F3 can be considered shortcuts in the breeding process and less reliable on breed standardization.

RECAP on the puppy alphabet
  1. Golden Retriever + Poodle= F1
  2. Goldendoodle + Poodle= F1B
  3. 'Doodle + 'Doodle = F2
  4. F1B + F1B = F3



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Do you have a contract?

Want to view our contract? Want to reserve a puppy of your own? Click here! Our puppies are CKC (Golden Doodles) and AKC (Golden Retrievers) registered. New contract coming soon.

Click Here to Get a Contract! No Printer? No problem! Call or email us and we will mail/fax you a contract! To purchase a puppy you must:

Call (740) 390-0011 For Information About Shipping! Download and print the contract (or visit our kennel and we will provide the paperwork)
  1. Fill out the contract (Health Guarantee)
  2. Fax or mail the contract to us
  3. Get your Puppy!

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    What should I research about breeders before adopting? What should I get with my new puppy?

    First Things About Puppies: Before you buy from a breeder, get the following information.

    Q: What size (height and weight)is correct for this K9?
    Q: Does this K9 need to be brushed or combed more often than once a week?
    Q: Does this K9 require professional help in clipping or grooming?
    Q: How much ground needs to be covered in daily exercise? Is a one-mile walk a lot or not very much for this dog breed?
    Q: Is the dog breed you have selected one of the dog breeds that are subject to any genetic diseases?

    Confirm that all of the following are true:

    Puppies for sale are born on the premises - not shipped in.

    1. Breeder does not sell puppies to wholesalers, brokers, dealers or retail shops.
    2. Dog set up is clean and well kept.
    3. Breeder insists that the puppies for sale will be at least seven weeks old before being placed.
    4. Sire and dam of the litter are at least two years old and were tested for genetic health before the breeding.
    5. Breeder volunteered information on the health testing of most of the immediate relatives of the sire and dam, volunteered proof and offers a guarantee against genetic health problems of at least two years. (Note: It is not possible to produce dogs entirely free of genetic problems.)
    6. Puppies for sale and dogs for sale have been introduced to children and other animals as part of their socialization.
    7. Breeder reviewed some of the problems some people have with the breed.
    8. Breeder asked if you plan to breed the dog.
    9. Breeder is available as a resource for advice and support.
    10. Breeder may take the dog in, on a case by case basis (not return your money) if you can't keep it.
    11. Breeder provides a contract for your review and goes over it with you.
    12. Breeder raises no more than 3 or 4 different breeds of puppies for sale and dogs for sale. It is very difficult for a breeder to be competent in more breeds.
    13. Breeder is a member of a breed club such as OGK (Official Golden Kennel) AKC, CKC.
    14. Breeder's primary concern is finding a good home for the puppy, getting paid should be secondary.
    15. Breeder asked you lots of questions about your lifestyle, family, experience with dogs and other pets, why you are looking for a dog for sale.
    16. Breeder was happy to answer all your questions and made you feel comfortable asking for advice.

    What you should get with your new puppy:

    1. A properly executed Registration Certificate.
    2. Registration materials may be withheld if a written statement is provided of when, and under what conditions, they will be provided (e.g. until the time of spay or neuter by the new owner as verified by a veterinarian, or if a written certification identifying the exact date of birth, and the AKC, OGK or CKC (in Canada) registration numbers of the Sire and Dam are provided instead).
    3. Written, three-generation pedigree.

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      Can I link to your site?

      Guidelines for use of the OfficialGoldenKennel.com Web logo

      The Visit Official Golden Kennel.com Web logo is provided solely as an indicator of a link to Official Golden Kennel's official Web site. By downloading or using the Web logo, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

      1. You may only display the Web logo on your Web site, and not in any other manner. It must always be an active link to http://www.OfficialGoldenKennel.com

      2. The Web logo must appear by itself, with a minimum spacing (the height of the Web logo) between each side of the Web logo and any other graphic or textual elements on your Web page.

      3. You may not alter the Web logo in any manner, including size, proportions, colors, elements, etc., or animate, morph, or otherwise distort its perspective or appearance.

      4. Your use may not be obscene or pornographic, and may not be disparaging, defamatory, or libelous to Official Golden Kennel, any of its products, or any other person or entity. You may not link to Official Golden Kennel.com from a Web site that is obscene or pornographic, or disparaging, defamatory, or libelous to Official Golden Kennel or any of its products.

      5. Your use may not directly or indirectly imply Official Golden Kennel's sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your product or service.

      6. Your use may not infringe any Official Golden Kennel intellectual property or other rights, may not violate any state or federal laws, and must comply with international IP laws.

      7. You may not create a frame or border environment around Official Golden Kennel content.

      8. You may link to, but may not replicate, Official Golden Kennel content.

      9. You may not present false or misleading information about Official Golden Kennel products or services.

      10. Your reference to Official Golden Kennel, its products, and its Web site must comply with the general trademark guidelines.

      11. While you may use the Web logo as provided by these guidelines, you may not use the Official Golden Kennel corporate logo or any other Official Golden Kennel logo or graphic to link to Official Golden Kennel.com

      12. These guidelines do not grant permission to use any other Official Golden Kennel logos or trademarks. Official Golden Kennel reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate or modify your permission to display the Web logo at any time.

      If your use meets the above criteria, no further written permission is required and you may download the image for use in accordance with the guidelines above. Please Visit out Download page to obtain an approved graphic.

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      Are your puppies parents at your kennel?

      Yes. We do not use a stud service. Our K9's are not "stud" or "breeding dogs." Each dog is a family pet and enjoys the freedom of both our 50 acres of land and facilities. We spend socializing time with each puppy and our dogs either run free (under supervision of course) or are walked by myself and my children.

      We do not bring outside dogs into our facility and neither do we send our dogs away. Although not used in the breeding process, periodically we do accept rescue animals (Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles and Goldendoodles)and then find a good home for them. An application is required even for a rescue.

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